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See you in 2013!

Ciara says "i'm a loser" on blog huh.

No your not! I am. Woke up this morning & told Mommy about my nightmare. In my dream I had left my laptop on a boat(Phil has two in Linda's back yard) I woke up in my dream & found the boat flooded. I dove under the water to retrieve my laptop. Turned it on & it seemed to work, then the screen started to swell. Woke up for real feeling a little scared.

Later I went out to the car to get it ready for our drive up to Danbury mall & I found I had left my laptop on the back porch, in the rain!!!

Nat, Colleen & Mommy thought the dream was like a permission.

It's been working fine all day, unlike my digital camera!

I'm a loser, not you.

I'm on top of the world, looking down on.....
WTF is that?

It's 2:00am
Do u know what time it is?

Still alive & well?
This is my 1st blog entry.

I have soo much to say.......................


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